Moving the House of Lords

This is my contribution to the consultation on the future siting of the House of Lords. Future site of the HL My theme is that four challenges - Covid-inspired virtual working, mounting public debt, negative public perceptions and uncertainty over the future size of the House - have resulted in a single great opportunity: to [...]

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Can we be forced to stay at home?

We are advised to stay at home these days, probably for good reason.  But as of this afternoon, that advice became a legally binding rule.  The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 were issued and took effect at 1pm today.  They will lapse if Parliament has not approved them by mid-May. But in the [...]

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A Valediction, Forbidding Mourning

Ian Forrester, a Scottish QC who long practised law in Brussels, served as a Judge of the General Court of the European Union from 2015 to 2020. He delivered this farewell speech in the Court on 6 February.  Both moving and informative, it contains Ian's reflections on Britain (and Scotland) in and out of Europe, [...]

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Taming the Wild West

I gave a lecture last night at Clifford Chance in London on "Taming the Wild West: Government and the Internet". It touches on a number of currently contested areas of law and policy ranging from state surveillance and "surveillance capitalism"  to online harms, antitrust and the corporation as courthouse. If the lecture were a website, [...]

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Extremism and the Law

Extremism and the Law was the subject of my Middle Temple Treasurer's Lecture on Monday evening.  It was attended by a wonderfully diverse crowd, ranging from Supreme Court Justices to East London sixth-formers who had got to hear about it through The Big Voice, a legal outreach charity. The lecture is framed by the experience [...]

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Reporting Terrorism

This is the text of a lecture I delivered to journalism students and others at the University of Essex on 11 February 2019.  Among the issues covered are the appearance vs the reality of terrorism in the West, and some of the dilemmas facing journalists as both investigators and reporters of terrorism.  It finishes with a short discussion of [...]

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The Fly in the China Shop

I was invited to The Hague last month to deliver the Hague Lecture on International Law, to an invited audience of diplomats, international judges and others at the British Embassy. No expert on public international law, I concentrated instead on the threat of terrorism - real and perceived - and the role played by the courts of [...]

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Shades of Independent Review

This new working paper, Shades of Independent Review (draft updated April 2018) is the sequel to a 2014 article (reproduced by kind permission of Public Law) on the responsibilities and influence of the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation (IRTL). The latest paper concentrates on changes to the functions of the IRTL in 2015, and on the potential influence of specially-commissioned reports [...]

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Lawyers in the Age of Trump

I had the great honour of giving the annual address at the annual Suffolk Justice Service in Bury St Edmunds Cathedral on 12 March 2017 - at the conclusion of my final term as Independent Reviewer, and just a few days before the attack in Westminster presaged the UK's worst year for terrorism since 2005.  The two previous addresses, by Supreme Court [...]

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