I gave a lecture last night to the Statute Law Society on the subject of Writing a Constitution.

Our constitution is sick (though its condition is chronic rather than acute); a written constitution is a realistic proposition, for which there are many precedents within the Westminster family; the public seems at least mildly favourable to the idea; and there are a number of sound reasons for it, even though some of them are frequently over-stated.

What form could a written constitution take, and how should it be arrived at? I am going to sketch out three options, which I shall describe as restatement, renewal and revolution. They are not mutually exclusive: you could think of them as the three courses on a menu, from which you can choose at will. For myself, to offer a spoiler, I am strongly tempted by the starter and the main course – but the pudding might be a bit much, at least for now.

You can read the full text here (as amended 6 December 2023): Writing a Constitution