Writing a Constitution

I gave a lecture last night to the Statute Law Society on the subject of Writing a Constitution. Our constitution is sick (though its condition is chronic rather than acute); a written constitution is a realistic proposition, for which there are many precedents within the Westminster family; the public seems at least mildly favourable [...]

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The Lords and the Law

What use is the House of Lords? What contribution is made by peers with experience as lawyers and judges? How could the Lords be reformed, and does it make sense to speak of the intention of Parliament? I addressed these topics in a Middle Temple Treasurer's Lecture on 14 October. The full text is [...]

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Terrorist Offenders (Restriction of Early Release) Bill

This Bill, prompted by recent atrocities in Fishmongers' Hall and Streatham, has been introduced with the objective - which I support - of ensuring that terrorist offenders with determinate sentences are not automatically released before the end of their custodial term.  The Parole Board must first have a chance to examine whether they pose a [...]

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