Shades of Independent Review

This new draft working paper, Shades of Independent Review, is the sequel to a 2014 article (reproduced by kind permission of Public Law) on the responsibilities and influence of the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation (IRTL).

The latest paper concentrates on changes to the functions of the IRTL in 2015, and on the potential influence of specially-commissioned reports (for example into investigatory powers, deportation with assurances and citizenship deprivation) of the kind that I was asked to produce in my second term as IRTL.

Once the working paper has been turned into a finished product, it will be published in 2018 in the Festschrift for Professor Clive Walker QC, the distinguished scholar of counter-terrorism law who was my Senior Special Adviser as IRTL and who continues to perform that role for my successor, Max Hill QC.

In the meantime, any comments are welcome via the Contacts tab above.

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