Lord Carlile, David Anderson, Max Hill

On 1 March 2016, BBC2’s Daily Politics screened a 5-minute film about my work, made on location in London and Bolton, and an unusually long and varied interview (clips still available).

The film, which also features my predecessor Lord Carlile QC, is a good introduction to the work of the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation.  More detail is on the Independent Reviewer’s website, and other media explanations of the Independent Reviewer’s work can be accessed here.

I published in 2013-14 two more detailed accounts of how the Independent Reviewer works and may hope to achieve influence.  The first (for a UK audience) appeared in Public Law and summarises the work of all Independent Reviewers from Lord Shackleton (1977-78) and Lord Jellicoe (1983-4) through to Lord Carlile (2001-2011) and the first of my own two three-year terms (2011-14).  The second (slightly updated, and amended for an overseas audience) appeared in the New Journal of European Criminal Law.  Thanks to the publishers of both journals for allowing me to link to them here.

My intention is to bring those accounts up to date in a further article to be published in 2017 or 2018, focussing on my second term as Independent Reviewer.  During that term, the focus broadened (at the invitation of the Government) from my specific statutory responsibilities into the area of surveillance, including for purposes other than counter-terrorism.

UPDATE: see the working paper published in April 2018 here.

Jessie Blackbourn at the University of Oxford published in February 2017 a “comparative retrospective” of my work as Independent Reviewer and the equivalent Australian office, the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor.