As my six-year tenure as Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation drew to a close, I spoke quite a bit to media about the job and my conclusions.  A selection is here.

Film about the Independent Reviewer’s work for BBC2’s Daily Politics, March 2016

Podcast of interview with Joshua Rozenberg for Law in Action, November 2016

Webcast interview with Sally Bundock for the International Bar Association, November 2016

Asian Network Big Debate, with Shazia Awan, Feb 2017

Opinion piece for the Evening Standard on Prevent, Feb 2017

Interview with Sam Macrory for Prospect, Feb 2017

Peston on Sunday, Feb 2017 (clip)

See also:

Lecture to RUSI (with a historical element) on terrorism, cohesion and national security, Feb 2017

Profile by Peter Oborne for Middle East Eye, Feb 2017

A fuller account of my views on the anti-terrorism laws that were the principal focus of my reporting function is in my last annual report, published in December 2016.  A compilation of references to my various writings on counter-terrorism, surveillance and counter-extremism is here.