“A Question of Trust”, the report of my Investigatory Powers Review under DRIPA 2014 s7, was laid before Parliament today.  It can be accessed below in print and web accessible versions, together with the accompanying press release and (so far as the authors were willing for it to be published) the evidence submitted to the Review in writing.  The Report is also  available free of charge from the following sites:

The Report (including annexes) stretches to more than 370 pages.  It was prepared with the help of a small part-time team: Robert Raine, Rose Stringer, Tim Johnston and Jennifer MacLeod.  We are pretty much out of printed and bound copies, but you can apparently buy one from Lulu (not warranted – I haven’t tried this myself).

Here (updated to include limited post-launch material) is

  • a clip from the 11 June PM programme: my interview starts at 13:05 and lasts 6-7 minutes
  • a piece by Martin Kettle in the Guardian (discount the flattering comparisons near the start)
  • an interview I gave Joshua Rozenberg for Law in Action on 15 June (first item)
  • a longer interview given for a US audience on the Steptoe cyberlaw podcast (starts almost half way through).


IPR Report Print Version

IPR Report Web Accessible

IPR Press Release


Submissions to the Review A-G

Submissions to the Review H-Z