A Spanish Fisherman – in his own words

Generations of law students have grown up on Factortame - the Spanish Fishermen's case that for more than 25 years defined the UK's constitutional relationship with Europe. My own memoir of the case (in which I represented the Fishermen for 12 years) is to be published shortly in The European Advocate. Having helped me with that piece, [...]

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David Vaughan QC 1938-2018

The life of David Vaughan QC, a colleague in Chambers whom (though we were not related) I considered to be my father in the law, was celebrated yesterday evening at a Memorial Service in Temple Church, the central point of the community of barristers living and working in London. I was asked to give a tribute [...]

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Brexit: the security dimension

My article about Brexit and Security ("Terrorism: the EU picture") has just been published in Counsel Magazine.  In summary: The leadership role in the EU exercised by the UK in matters relating to security (in particular counter-terrorism) will inevitably be lost after Brexit. There are reasons to hope that broadly satisfactory arrangements can be made for [...]

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Brexit and the Border

I spoke in December 2016 in Belfast to the Irish Centre for European Law and to the Northern Irish Judges on the subject of "Brexit and the Border".   The NI/RoI border is twice the length of the Anglo-Welsh border, and three times the length of the Anglo-Scottish border.  My talk sought to identify some of [...]

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Was Britain ever part of Europe?

This Working Paper, presented in Florence as a Distinguished Lecture at the European University Institute's summer course on EU law in July 2015, explored Britain's ambivalent relationship to Europe and gave five reasons why a vote to leave the EU - a distant possibility as the polls then stood - was a likely (though regrettable) outcome of the promised [...]

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